The Masters, wardens and Brothers Association meets on alternating months, at different Lodges throughout the District. The months of MWB meetings are; October, December, February, April and our final meeting, our District Awards Dinner in June.

The primary goals of the Masters, Wardens and Brothers association are to promote education, organize non-charity District Events, and promote Brotherhood within the District. By bringing Brothers together, outside of the Lodge room, we enhance the true spirit of Masonry, Brotherly Love.

The MWB organizes the District Awards Dinner, District picnic, and other events throughout the year. The sole focus of these events is you, my Brothers. The events organized by the MWB are to bring each other, and more importantly our families, together to strengthen our Masonic bonds.

The principal officers of each of our District's Lodges also utilize the MWB meetings to coordinate all the events within our own Lodges, to avoid scheduling conflicts, and ensure that we can provide optimal support for all our Lodge's events. By "packing the house" for Degrees, District Deputy visits, etc... we share in the joys these events bring.

If you are interesting in joining, and assisting the MWB with our events, please feel free to send me an e-mail.

Sincerely & Fraternally,
R:. W:. Richard Swann Jr.

President:  V:.W:. Randall Chiera
Vice President Bro. Gar Salgado
Treasurer R:.W:. William Plank
Secretary Bro. Steven Ghirardi